How to Use NitroMist

As soon as you arrive home with your new NitroMist prescription or refill, you must prime the bottle so it is ready for use when angina occurs.

1. Do not shake the bottle; it is not necessary.

2. Remove the plastic cap and hold the bottle so the spray nozzle is pointing away from yourself and others.

3. Place your forefinger in the finger rest at the top of the actuator valve and press the actuator 10 times. The bottle is now primed for 6 weeks and ready for use. If NitroMist is not used for more than 6 weeks, the bottle can be reprimed with 2 sprays before using.

4. Replace the plastic cap.

Taking NitroMist during an Acute Angina Episode

5. Ideally, you should be in a sitting position when taking NitroMist.

6. Remove the plastic cap.

7. Hold the bottle upright and place your forefinger in the finger rest at the top of the actuator button.

8. Open your mouth and bring the spray opening as close to your mouth as possible.

9. Press the actuator button to spray NitroMist on or under your tongue.

10. Release the button and close your mouth. Do not inhale the medication. Do not spit out any medication or rinse your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes after taking NitroMist.

11. If a second dose is required for relief, repeat steps 7, 8, and 9. A spray may be repeated approximately every 5 minutes as needed. No more than 3 metered sprays are recommended within a 15-minute period. If chest pain persists after 3 sprays, you should seek prompt medical attention.

12. When finished using NitroMist, replace the plastic cap.

Priming NitroMist

After receiving a new prescription or refill, patients should remove the plastic cap, place forefinger on actuator button, and press 10 times. NitroMist is now primed for 6 weeks and ready to use. If not used for more than 6 weeks, the NitroMist bottle can be adequately reprimed with 2 sprays.

Be sure to periodically check the level of the liquid in the bottle (make sure the bottle is in an upright position when doing this). If the liquid reaches the top or middle of the hole on the side of the bottle, more NitroMist should be prescribed.