What Makes NitroMist Different?

A Unique Delivery System

NitroMist features a unique delivery system. With each spray, a consistent metered dose is delivered via propellant-driven ultrafine mist. Unlike other nitroglycerin pump sprays, you can be sure that you will get the full dose of nitroglycerin with each spray of NitroMist*.

*Adequate pressure must be applied to the actuator button to receive the full dose. Unit must be primed prior to initial use.

Fast Acting Efficacy

NitroMist is rapidly absorbed to help provide fast relief. In one study, nitroglycerin aerosol spray provided symptom relief from acute angina in 60 seconds or less in 68% of patients vs. 38% for tablets (P<.001)1. In another large scale study of nearly 800 angina patients, nitroglycerin spray provided rapid symptom relief in most patients—regardless of age. 2

Packaged for Convenience and Reliability

The NitroMist bottle is distinct. The pocket-sized bottle provides convenience and reliability, with potency that last for up to 36 months. It requires initial priming of 10 sprays and remains adequately primed for 6 weeks. If not used within 6 weeks, NitroMist can be adequately re- primed with 2 sprays.

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